A new day… the same dissapointment

Ever since I started the second part of the school I attend, I was under the impression that we would be treated like romanians. Unfortunately, my fear was well grounded. The first thing our beloved racists (read danish) did, was to house us separately from their arian offsprings. Not a great distance, just about two kilometres from the school. Small stuff, you might say, if there would be any other transport means, except for the personal cars, but considering that some don’t have that… The school’s dormrooms are reserved for the aformentioned offsprings, god forbid that a romanian should bite their necks and turn into one too (let’s not forget we come from Dracula land). The housing would be a bit more acceptable if it wasn’t for the incredible food recipes. Besides the boiled rice and his siblings, the unboiled and unsalted potatoes, we can find a pork steak, with, hold on to your stomach, pineapple. Yes, you read well, pineapple. Aparentely, they use pineapple instead of salt, considering we find it in vegetable salads, in steaks and god knows in what else. To qoute some great people: „It’s hard to find a good mix”.
By the way, i finally found why no one in the world ever says: „Let’s go to a danish restaurant!”


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